About us.

We are a brand marketing and digital agency with a strong background in food & drink and business to business.

Our individual approach and creativity allows us to create exciting work that delivers results for your business, we are passionate about brand communications and great user experiences.

We love the opportunity to get stuck in and work collaboratively with brands we believe in, while making it an empowering and enjoyable experience for you.

We have helped clients all over the UK and abroad to breathe life into their brand, design, UX/UI, web, marketing, events and PR projects.

Our story.

An eclectic bunch of individuals who pull together as a team. Bringing together experience from diverse sectors such as national newspapers, London agencies, web application development and digital marketing as well as the more traditional branding, graphic design, packaging, events and marketing arenas.

Our story is simple; we use all of these skills to find the right solutions for our clients.

What we do.

Brand development.

Your brand identity is your window to the world and often your first impression to potential customers. It is through brand identity design and strategy that a brand stands out in a crowded marketplace. Your brand should articulate your values, personality and aspirations.

From strategy, tone of voice to on-brand content creation, if your business requires a new brand, a rebrand or just some subtle changes to positioning, get in touch.

Packaging design.

Design is our in our DNA and we love getting stuck into packaging design. Consumers are confronted with a myriad of choices and options for any purchase. We develop packaging that works and creates a bond with the buyer and a sense of trust in the product. This is at the heart of any packaging project we take on, remember; the customer is always right.

User experience.

User experience or UX has become one of the most important facets of designing anything digital; websites, web applications or the millions of apps that have become common place in our lives. With the right ingredients we can create great user experiences which help create exceptional businesses.

From conceptualisation through to strategic implementation and creative idea generation, UX underpins everything we do. We’ll find the platform and strategy and create concepts that immerse and demand response. Your audience will love you for it.

Digital design, development and e-commerce.

Beautiful, responsive, intuitive, accessible and future proof, to name but a few essential web design basics. In the digital world, a website should be the heart of every business and marketing strategy. Need a website to answer customer enquiries, process sales or promote a product or service? We will help you thrive and grow online.

Digital marketing and advertising.

Driving sales and brand positioning online to generate business leads is part and parcel of creating a working brand. Brandcom will help you to generate leads that turn into real-time profit by creating a digital strategy and leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing and email marketing.

Audiences are more connected than ever before, accessing information immediately wherever they are in the world. Delivering creative and effective digital campaigns that engage with your prospective buyers is key.

Copywriting and content creation.

Website, magazines and newspapers offer a more intimate or tactile communication experience, because it delivers your message without any distractions (pop-ups, links and sponsors etc). Harness the unique power of print through design, copywriting and print production management and create a deep and lasting connection with your customers.

Event design and management.

Although not our chief skill, our methodology has proven to create successful and and entertaining events. Our deep understanding of brand and the way that people interact with them is key to engaging with them on a grander stage.

Our process.


Tea and biscuits.

Well it is Harrogate after all... Let's have a sit down and discuss your requirements over a cuppa and a biscuit. Then we can start to form solutions as we better understand your business goals more.



The exciting bit; where we really learn about your business through process and thought, then we get to present you with all the brilliant and barmy ideas we have produced.



Or in other words production and delivery. The bit where you take ownership of your bright, shiny new creation. Instructions, care manuals, warranty and regular checkups are included.

Let's work together.