Brand development and strategic marketing for one of the UK's largest food suppliers.


Richard Wellock & Sons; that is what became the now food supplier giant known as Wellocks. When we were approached by Wellocks, it was a clean slate; a new beginning. Initially we developed the new name, brand identity and slogan 'the perfect ingredient'. From then on it was a full blown, full service, sole agency relationship, developing communications and PR strategies for both company and leader, to help make Wellocks the authority on ingredients and the place to go to get excellent quality ingredients or 'the perfect ingredient'.

The biggest project was of course the bespoke warehouse stock, purchasing and sales system, which over time incorporated all CRM duties, an online ordering app and stock dates which indicated where products should be stored on arrival in the warehouse. This huge undertaking involved redefining IT networks and staff training for more than 200 people, all whilst making sure the system was running like clockwork, as this was and still is the heart and soul of the business.

We of course made sure that any market was done to the highest standards and continued engaging with customers and suppliers through publications, websites, events, packaging, PR trips and well defined brand deployment.

About Wellocks

Wellocks is a quality supplier of both fresh and dry ingredients that are sourced from all over the country and abroad, solely from producers and farms that take pride in what they produce. Headed up by James Wellock, whose passion and drive for great quality food with traceability are key to his success and to the superior taste of the food on your plate.

The Wellock family started their love affair with the food trade 62 years ago in 1946, when Eric Wellock had a traditional green grocers in Silsden. His son Richard wanted to continue the family tradition and became a potato merchant, predominantly serving local fish and chip shops, which grew in to the premier ingredient supplier that we see today.

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