Renaming, rebranding and repositioning for a lovely charity.

Supporting Older People

This one is a personal project for Jason, after volunteering for some time, he decided that his chosen charity could benefit from some help with their public image. After listening and learning about the trials and tribulations of fundraising, getting volunteers and donations, he decided to rebrand Supporting Older People into a brand that would be recognisable and approachable.

We wanted to give them an identity that stood for and embodied the spirit of the charity. SOP; Spirit, Organisation and People, that's what about, after all.

We continue to support Sop with creative, marketing and fundraising activities, bringing our forward thinking and ideas in to the mix.


Charity and community

About Sop

Sop were founded in 1982, a registered charity aiming to alleviate loneliness and isolation often experienced by older people living on their own. They primarily support people in the Harrogate and Knaresborough district.

Let's work together.