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Orbit Discovery

Our initial remit for Orbit was to create a brand that would stand out in a crowded multi-billion dollar marketplace. After successfully completing this mission we moved on to the dilemma of explaining the technology to potential investors and medical personnel.

Through a serious of marketing communications using digital, printed and presentation methods to secure their position as one of the UK's leading peptide research facilities.

Their growth has been exponential, growing out of their first research facility within two years. They now occupy a state of the art research centre in Oxford and continue to use design and marketing as a key business generator.


Pharmaceutical research

About Orbit Discovery

Orbit Discovery are a drug research company tasked with identifying potential peptide drugs for a wide range of diseases. Their peptide research offers the potential to make drugs with the specificity and efficacy of large biologic molecules combined with a smaller dose size, simpler routes of delivery and a lower cost of manufacturing found with small molecules. They are, therefore, uniquely suited to the treatment of chronic diseases which impact large patient populations.

Technologies like Orbit’s Peptide Display method allows them to identify novel peptides as drug leads for a wide range of treatments where peptides haven’t previously been seen.

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