User experience and graphical interface design for a cutting edge CRM system.


Brandcom are very proud to be associated with Connectably's use of technology and simple thought processes. They wanted to create a simple CRM for Xero users connecting their sales & marketing with their accounting and bookkeeping software.

We devised the user experience and graphical interface for a simple all-in-one online business software platform, designed for small service-based businesses to connect tasks, actions and admin that small service businesses need to do to work better and make money.


Web application development

About Connectably

Innovative new startup company Connectably have found a new way for companies to manage manage their customers and sales through an intuitive app based interface for both web and mobile devices.

From marketing, enquiries, connecting with customers, making sales, getting paid to measuring results. Replacing ‘stuck together with sticky tape’ different software and systems that most small businesses are trying to make work.

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